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What if You Were Born in Space? – Vsauce

Latest Vsauce video – What if You Were Born in Space

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FBI is Winning the Right to Invade Your Internet Privacy

Your Internet Privacy Is Being Invaded

“We’re reaching the end sum of a long trend: in the US, privacy is now a myth, unless you’re working with the government,” Motherboard writer Derek Mead states in a recent article regarding the FBI and online privacy.

Leaked documents from the IRS, the Department of Justice and the FBI show that they don’t believe warrants are necessary for monitoring the public’s online communication.  It’s also been reported that the Obama administration plans to back the FBI’s plan of forcing internet providers, social media platforms, email hosts and others to install backdoors to allow the FBI easier access.

Authorities are successfully pushing to make American’s online communication far easier to monitor and with fewer legal barriers than traditional modes of communication. This is due to their proclamation that the internet is the realm of criminals.

The FBI argues that the law states citizens have no expectation of privacy on transmitted information, and that old emails only require a subpoena—an order signed by a district attorney, not an independent judge like a warrant does—to force providers to hand over data.

However by using a VPN such as IPVanish, all or your online communications become encrypted making them only readable to the source they were intended for.  You choose your IP location and can browse the internet securely with a high-speed connection.  For as low as $6.49/month you can choose from 3500+IPs on 100+ servers in 43 countries, guaranteeing that you always have high-speed access no matter where you are located, and you can use it on multiple devices!  Check out IPVanish today to prevent your online privacy from being invaded.  Read more at Why VPN?


Source: Motherboard: The FBI Is Winning the Fight to Invade Your Online Privacy


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Wednesday is Comic Book Day

Comic Book Day – 4 Comic Book Crossovers to Try

  • Archie Meets the Punisher – If you thought that the recently announced zombie apocalypse-themed Afterlife with Archie was the weirdest thing to hit Riverdale, then you must not know about 1994’s Archie Meets the Punisher, a comic book which actually exists and introduced all-American teenager Archie Andrews to the bloodthirsty avatar of vengeance himself, Frank Castle. Sent to Riverdale to hunt down a mysterious drug dealer named “Red,” the Punisher naturally mistakes Archie as the drug-peddler he was sent to take down…

  • DC vs. Marvel Comics – Ah, the Amalgam Universe, how could we ever forget you and your eyebrow-raising mash-up metahumans like Dark ClawDoctor Strangefate and Nightcreeper? The four issue 1996 mini-series saw DC and Marvel joining forces to pit their most popular characters head-to-head in a series of epic battles, some of which relied on fans to vote on the outcome…
  • Batman vs. Predator – Written by Dave Gibbons, penciled by Andy Kubert, inked by Adam Kubert and published by DC and Dark Horse Comics, 1991’s Batman vs. Predator finds the Dark Knight hot on the trail of a mysterious assassin who’s leaving an increasingly grisly series of bodies in his wake.
  • Marvel and DC Present the Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans – Although 1982 marked the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, true comic book fans remember it as the year that DC and Marvel teamed up to birth Marvel and DC Present the Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans

Source: Nerdist News


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