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Season Finale of The Nerdist this Saturday June 1

It’s the end of the season for The Nerdist on BBC America, and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg guest to promote their new apocalypse comedy, This Is the End.  Zach Galifianakis also stops by, watch the season finale preview here:

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Easynews Additional Web Retention

Additional Web Retention

The Easynews Beta testing of our additional web retention is finally complete. We’ve put our best people to work at making Easynews the easiest and best Usenet service out there, and we think we came up with something great. We’re just putting the final touches on a few things before we finalize how the additional retention will work. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting announcement within the next week or two of the changes Easynews will have in place.

Easynews makes it possible to search, preview and download from anywhere you have Internet access.  Sign up for an Easynews free trial today to receive the following benefits:

  • Free Encrypted SSL
  • 1700 Days NNTP Retention
  • Unlimited Connections
  • 100,000+ Discussion Groups
  • Rollover Gigs

As always if you have any feedback we would love to hear it, either through the Easynews Support Forum or email us at


The Easynews Team


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Is Privacy a Myth in the Digital Age?

Is Privacy a Myth?

For anyone who chooses to use the Facebook Home application they are essentially agreeing to give up any last remaining shred of privacy, given that the app is always on in the background.

If we think back to the days before Facebook, back to AOL’s famous “you’ve got mail” tagline, online privacy was much simpler.  The usernames that were created to simply chat with others via the Internet, most likely did not reveal the individual’s legal name or anything else that would be considered “private” but instead served as “aliases.”

But then came Myspace, and Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and the list goes on and on of social media websites that allow users to be searched by factors such as name, email address, age, height and even relationship status.

We are always on, always connected and no longer private. The thin line that separated public from private has disappeared and what privacy we think there still is online is an illusion. 

We all leave a bright footprint online, resulting in everything anyone does being tracked.

Today, governments can learn more about a person through a virtual search than they can through a physical search of that person’s home.

Read Why VPN to find out how using IPVanish VPN can change online privacy from myth to truth.


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