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Easynews Hits Landmark 1700 Days NNTP Retention

Easynews Now Offers 1700 days NNTP Retention

We’re excited to announce that Easynews has upgraded its NNTP Usenet retention from 1610 days to a full 1700 days. That is an extra 90 days of Usenet retention at no additional cost to Easynews subscribers! With Easynews, subscribers get an all-in-one Usenet package with browser-based and NNTP-based Usenet access along with 99+% completion, unlimited downloads, free SSL encryption and now 1700 days of NNTP retention!

We encourage you to take advantage of the Easynews Unlimited NNTP Access plan that is being offered at $9.95/month. For $9.95/month, customers get unlimited monthly transfers, SSL encryption and 20 connections. The Unlimited NNTP plan also comes with 14 days/10 GB of free access to Easynews’ web interface, which is a slick web-based Usenet browser that allows you to search, preview and download articles from any Internet browser. If you have a web browser, you already have all the software you need to access all that Usenet newsgroups have to offer!



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Man Knocked Over By Boston Blast Finished Race Unharmed

Boston Blast Didn’t Keep This Man Down

Some encouraging news did come out of the Boston marathon blast that happened yesterday. A 78 year old avid runner was knocked down by the blast but got up and finished the race!  Bill Iffrig pictured below was participating in his third Boston marathon and came in second in his division, finishing the race with only a scraped knee.

Boston Marathon Runner

You can see him clearly in this looped video –  Boston Marathon Explosion that’s been shared across social media platforms over 40,000 times. Bill is knocked over by the force of the explosion, yet gets up and keeps going through the finish line!!

Source: NPR



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Mozart vs Skrillex Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2

Mozart vs Skrillex

Who do you think won? What would the classical masters do if they were given the technology of today?

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