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Newshosting is Better Than Ever with New Auto-Search Function

Newshosting New Auto-Search Function

Newshosting, global Usenet newsgroup provider, announced today the release of its newest browser, v1.4.0.  The most significant feature of this upgrade is the introduction of an automatic search function designed to deliver a faster and more efficient Usenet experience than ever before to Newshosting subscribers.

The new automatic search feature allows searches to be performed by the Newshosting software on an hourly basis and quietly in the background.  This feature displays all new results for automatic searches in the Newshosting software interface and can also be set to automatically download these results.  Options for the automatic downloads allow the user to limit the amount of traffic generated by automatic downloads per day, week or month. Search results of automatic searches can also be restricted to specific file sizes and media categories as well as the ability to set start and end dates for the active searches.

For more information on the Newshosting browser, visit Newshosting’s QuickStart Guide.

Newshosting is the world’s premier provider of Usenet newsgroup access.  As the industry-leader in service reliability, speed and retention, Newshosting is committed to providing world-class Usenet access to over 100,000 discussion groups from its servers across the world.


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Celebrities like Zach Braff and Kickstarter

Zach Braff and Kickstarter

When Kickstarter launched in April 2009 it created a way for the little guys to fund their dream projects. Someone who had a big idea but a little bank account could still find funding through the benevolence of the crowd. Lately, though, that seems to be changing. We’re seeing more people with big ideas and big bank accounts find funding.

People like Zach Braff, perhaps best known as Dr. John ‘J.D.’ Dorian on the TV show Scrubs. Last week he launched a Kickstarter to fund his film Wish I Was Here. The film, a follow-up to his indie love story Garden State, tells the story of a 35-year-old actor and father trying to find himself. According to Braff’s pitch, the film needs fan-funding because he believes Kickstarter might be the way to make a “smaller, personal [flim] that didn’t involve signing away all your artistic control.”

The project — born of a fairly famous actor/director with many, many fans and Twitter followers — raised nearly $2.2 million from more than 30,000 backers in just four days. It was an unqualified win, for Braff and Kickstarter. Yet it raised an uncomfortable question: Why does a famous TV star with a directorial hit under his belt need my money, a question Valleywag posed with the headline, “Rich Person Zach Braff Wants the Internet to Pay for His Next Movie.”

Braff has an answer for you…

Source: Wired

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NERDSWAG: Vader’s Little Princess Giveaway

Nerdist News Vader’s Little Princess Giveaway

That Darth Vader sure was an absentee father, eh? Didn’t even know he had kids, much less twins, much less twins who were actively fighting against him. Author and illustrator Jeffrey Brown chooses to think of it a different way, though, and has come up with a take on Vader where he was a pretty good dad. Last year’s Darth Vader and Son showed us how the asthmatic Sith would spend time with Luke, and this year we get to see him dealing with a rebellious, pastry-haired daughter in Vader’s Little Princess. He has tea parties with her, teaches her how to fly a TIE Fighter and even gets upset when she starts spending time with a scruffy-looking nerd-herder.

This is a must-have book for any Star Wars fan and we’re pleased to be giving away one to a lucky winner.  You only have until midnight on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 to enter so you’d better act quickly. Missing out on this opportunity cannot be undone, no matter how strong with the force you are. Enter now, you will!

Source: Nerdist News

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