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Samuel Jackson’s Says Wake the Fuck Up

Samuel Jackson Supports Obama and Tells America to Wake the Fuck Up and Vote

Today is the first day of viewing for Samuel Jackson’s Obama supporting ad, telling Americans to Wake the Fuck up and vote for Obama.  First he told us to go the Fuck to sleep and now he’s telling us to wake the Fuck up. What do you think?  Does Samuel Jackson motivate you? Are F bombs particularly motivating? Leave a fucking comment!


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New iPad App is Literally Brainy

Einstein’s Brain, Digitized for Public Viewing

Albert Einstein’s brain was removed from his body in 1955 during an autopsy by Princeton Hospital pathologist Thomas Harvey.  Fascinated with the late mastermind, Harvey received permission from Einstein’s son, sliced the brain into over 200 cubes, preserved them in formaldehyde and took them home. In hopes to discover what made Einstein’s intelligence unique, he took a collection of images of the brain from various angles. In 2010 it was donated by Harvey’s estate to the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland.

In a 1999 study published in the Lancet from samples Harvey gave to researchers, it shows that Einstein’s parietal lobe was 15% wider than average.  The parietal lobe being important to the understanding of spatial relationships, language and math.

The National Museum of Health and Medicine in Chicago converted the slides for use in the iPad app that was released today.  Students, teachers and anyone curious can have a look into history at genius, preserved by the app for generations to come.

“There’s been a lot of debate over what Einstein’s intentions were,” museum board member Jim Paglia said. “We know he didn’t want a circus made of his remains. But he understood the value to research and science to study his brain, and we think we’ve addressed that in a respectful manner.”

Paglia said the app could “inspire a whole new generation of neuroscientists.Einstein Brain App for iPad





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Usenet For All Your Kick-Ass Needs

*Usenet Makes Daydreams Come True.

Kick-Ass 2, due in theaters June 2013 is currently filming in Toronto. Looking at pictures of Jim Carrey on set as Colonel Stars got me thinking about how even as adults, we still have fantasies.

Jim Carrey filming Kick-Ass 2 in Toronto

Because let’s face it, a lot of responsibility aka mundane tasks come with being an adult.  By doing the things we have to do (work, grocery shopping, paying bills, etc.) over and over again on a daily basis, life can get dull. Yawn.

There’s nothing like a daydream to take us out of reality for a moment and give us a dose of harmless fantasy. For example, who hasn’t dreamt about being a superhero? Or at the very least having a superpower such as:

  • Flight (arriving home seconds after work, allowing more time to play Skyrim)
  • Teleportation (girlfriend asks you to cook her favorite meal instead you pop over to Greece and have her back in time for Dancing with the Stars)
  • Predicting the future (win easy money and amaze your friends with the exact score of the winning NFL team)
  • Psychokinesis (remain on couch while cold beers float from the fridge into your hand)
  • Being Kick-Ass

Ok so that last one isn’t an actual super power. But the good news is that while daydreaming about having superpowers is futile, achieving kick-ass exciting life status is obtainable and easy.  All you have to do is try Newshosting, a premium Usenet provider. Usenet makes up a network of servers from all over the world containing a plethora of user generated content with subjects to satisfy even the most vivid imagination.  Files types range from mpeg video to mp3 music files.

Kick-Ass doesn’t need any super powers and neither do you.  Try it free for two weeks here.

*cape not included


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