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The Dark Knight Rises – Production Notes Leaked

The Dark Knight Rises is arguable the most anticipated movie of the summer, and as such, fans are clawing for more details prior to release. Fortunately for them, the production notes from the film were leaked earlier this week leaving fans with tons of details to speculate on. The folks over at Wired sifted through and found 10 super interesting details to think about before the release.

The movie touches on some very contemporary issues, such as the Occupy movement and the recent recession. It’s also recommended for any fans to read Knightfall in preparation. The comic basically outlines the story-arc with Bane, the incredibly intelligent and terrifyingly buff antagonist in the final installation of the trilogy. Anne Hathaway’s depiction of Selina Kyle might not quite measure up to Michelle Pfeiffer’s, but we definitely have some high hopes for the spandex-clad actress. The movie, timed at 2 hours and 41 minutes, will certainly be a highlight of the summer for cinema. The caped crusader will grace us with his presence for the last time in Nolan’s trilogy on July 20th, so be ready.

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The Dead Are Rising

Most of us remember the groundbreaking holographic Tupac concert back in April showing the long-dead Rap star giving a very life-like performance. Musion Systems, the company responsible for this amazing feat of technology, has also created holograms” for Madonna, Simon Cowell, and Pixie Lott. Between this new optical illusion and the digital rendering used to make Jeff Bridges look 33 again in TRON: Legacy, it’s safe to say that in the future industry of entertainment we will be seeing a lot more long-gone stars being brought back to the silver screen and stage. These are the “walking dead” you won’t want to get rid of.

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