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Austrian Daredevil Nears the Speed of Sound On Record Breaking Space Jump

Felix Baumgartner teamed up with Red Bull to create “Red Bull Stratos” – a mission with the goal to break the record for the world’s highest skydive, dubbed the “space jump”. Though unable to get to that point quite yet, Felix has taken been working his way up toward the incredible feat.

Yesterday he jumped out of a custom-built capsule at 96,640 feet. He hit a top speed of 536 mph and fell for a total of 3 minutes and 48 seconds. He broke a total of 4 records  and is still planning to attempt a jump at 125,000 feet in the coming months. The video filmed to promote the project, though edited to add a nice cinematic feel to the adventure, definitely shows that Baumgartner does not take this challenge lightly:




A Password Not Even the User Can Remember

Security Lock With all the news of password hacking recently, privacy has become a major concern for internet users everywhere. Thankfully, a team of cryptographers and neuroscientists have created a password method that uses implicit learning to ingrain the password in your mind. The thing about implicit learning is that you don’t even realize what exactly you’re memorizing, like riding a bike. You know how to do it when faced with the task, but it’s nearly impossible to describe to someone else. Because of this phenomenon, a person’s password is safe even if they are threatened with bodily harm, there’s simply no way to describe it.

The user interface is called SISL (Serial Interception Sequence Learning) and is similar to the gameplay interface of Guitar Hero. After a 30-45 minute training session, a user learns how to interpret falling circles and press corresponding keys on the keyboard as the circles hit the bottom. Though it doesn’t look like it will be available on phones or laptops for a while, the core concepts of the SISL might be used in the future for high-security access and specialized equipment.

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Comic-Con 2012 Comes to a Close

This past weekend was Comic-Con 2012, a breeding ground for imagination, ideas, and nerds foaming at the mouth at the sheer magnitude of collectibles, art, and idols. For many cult fans attending, Joss Whedon brings memories of space cowboys and Sunnydale vampires, and more recently, a great rendition of The Avengers. During his panel at SDCC he revealed some future plans for a sequel to Dr. Horrible, production for which will start in the spring. He had a great one-on-one atmosphere with his fans giving them even more of a reason to continue supporting his endeavors. G4 caught up with him and asked him about some of his past work and some ideas for the future:

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