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Microsoft’s iPad Killer, Surface, Freezes At Launch Presentation

Microsoft launched their tablet product this week, dubbed “Surface” and they’re promoting it as a rival to the iPad. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not excel during presentations like Apple does. Case-in-point: Surface FREEZES during their launch presentation. This is pretty much a worst-case scenario, aside from it just exploding on contact.

The Sequoia – World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Move over, Fujitsu, there’s a new sheriff in town. IBM’s Sequoia recently overtook Japan’s Fujitsu as the world’s fastest supercomputer. A bragging point for this new creation is the processing ability, “The computer is capable of calculating in one hour what otherwise would take 6.7 billion people using hand calculators 320 years to complete if they worked non-stop.” Since the first supercomputer in 1993 created by Thinking Machines, our technology has made Sequoia 273,930 times faster. It really makes you wonder what’s in store for the future.

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Microsoft Super Secret Announcement Coming Tonight

Looks like PC titans Microsoft are poised to make a major announcement this evening, after the market closes, around 6:30pm EST. Rumor has it, it’s a tablet set to rival the iPad. Rumored functionality includes Xbox streaming and it might run on a version of Windows 8. This will be Microsoft’s first foray into a new hardware market since they developed the Xbox. Whatever this new announcement brings, whether its a new tablet or something else, let’s hope they’ve worked out the kinks and there’s no catastrophic hardware failures like the red ring of death this time around.

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