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Do OnStar Ads Invade Your Privacy?

Wired is reporting on a disturbing discovery – GM has filed for a patent for OnStar-linked ads, which would serve relevant ads as you pass billboards on the highway. What’s disturbing isn’t that they’re customizing billboards as you pass them. I think that’s kind of cool. Who isn’t sick of seeing the same billboards all the time? The disturbing part is how they gather information about you.

OnStar’s navigation system logs your locations and feeds that information into a database with your other account details, which is expected, I suppose, but the scary part is that they are using the in-vehicle cameras to determine the demographics of the occupants. That’s right. They’re spying on you while you’re inside your own car. Looks like I’m never buying a GM.

Full Article at Wired

Real-life Lightsaber For Sale

Wicked Lasers has produced the best lightsaber replica to-date. It’s not quite sturdy enough for actual combat, but it’s sure to be popular at next year’s comic-cons around the country. The LaserSaber is powered by the extremely powerful, barely-legal S3 laser. Here’s a video of the LaserSaber in use:

How Big Is Apple?

Ever wonder how big Apple really is? As one of the largest and fastest growing corporations in the world, Apple has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade.

Check out this infographic from that explains Apple’s success:

Apple infographic
Sortable Apple by the Numbers