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Today In Crazy

A Seattle lawyer is claiming that he was part of a DARPA-run time travel experiment from age 7 to 12. He’s been to the civil war-era so frequently that he’s run into himself and been present for the Lincoln assassination at least 5 times. Also, teleportation not only exists, it’s environmentally friendly. If this isn’t viral marketing for Looper¬†or a sequel to 12 Monkeys, I’m going to be disappointed.

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Usenet vs. BitTorrent Showdown

Lifehacker has posted a Q&A pitting¬†Usenet and BitTorrent against each other. Which is safer? Lifehacker has done the research. Find out who comes out on top! (Spoiler Alert: It’s Usenet)

Full Article at Lifehacker

University of Florida Decides There’s No Future In Computers

In what will almost certainly be viewed as a gaff, or in 80s movie sidekick terminology, a “grade-A all-time bone-head move,” the University of Florida is gutting their computer science department. Almost any research being done in the computer science department has been halted. They will be teaching only, which doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, but there is a significant amount of research done at the university level that will not be possible now. Without new developments in computer science, we wouldn’t have access to new technologies like touchscreens, solid-state drives, and cloud computing. In a time when technology is one of the only industries still growing in the US and creating new jobs, it’s odd for a university to drop support like this.

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