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Flexible E-Paper Coming Soon

Soon enough we’re going to see flexible e-paper┬áreplacing the currently fragile e-readers, like the Kindle or Nook. LG is starting to mass-produce flexible e-paper, which is a bendable screen. This will allow for an e-reader that’s more difficult to break. The screen can bend at up to 40 degrees and it’s got a 6 inch display. It can be dropped 1.5m or about 5 feet without damage. It’s only a matter of time before this or similar technology is applied to just about every electronic device, significantly increasing the lifetime of iPads, iPhones and the like, which are infamous for cracking instantly and thoroughly upon hitting the ground.

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85 Percent of the World Uses Email

In case you were wondering, 85% of the entire world uses email and 62% of the world uses social networking.

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PirateBay Launching Server-Drones

In a bold move that comes straight out of science fiction, PirateBay has launched their first flying server drones that will hover above international waters in order to make sure their site stays up no matter what. Authorities would no longer be able to raid one facility and shut down the website, like MegaUpload. This changes the game completely. But what’s interesting here isn’t the fact that it’s the PirateBay doing this – necessity is what breeds innovation, right? Imagine how these types of flying drones would affect things like the Arab Spring if they acted as WiFi hotspots? I’m sure the military is already looking into how they can setup something similar for mobile outposts or patrols.

It’s based on the project by a group called Electronic Countermeasures. Here’s a video about it:

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