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Shopping Cart Scans Your Stuff, Follows You, Talks

For people who are still disappointed that we don’t use jetpacks and flying cars to get around, and aren’t satisfied with the Google Car, here’s Whole Foods’ innovative new shopping solution. It’s an automated shopping cart that can learn your shopping list, calculate your total, pay the bill like you would any online bill, and on top of that, it follows you around the store without needing you to push.

Smithsonian 3-D Scanning It’s Collection

The Smithsonian Museum is 3-D scanning and printing a significant portion of the museum’s collection. Hopefully, this means that anyone with a 3-D printer will be able to create at least a model of any object they scan. While they have no plans to release the scans to the public at this time, it would be a simple matter of posting the files online for distribution. It’s only a matter of time before people are able to skip the museum gift shop and print their own scale replica of the mars rover at home.

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Dr Grordbort’s Steampunk Adventure in Spaaaaaace!

Based on the designs from WETA Workshop in New Zealand, a group from the Media Design School has produced a short film. It is one-hundred percent awesome retro-futurist fantasy full of wonderful anachronisms.