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Online File Storage Industry Shaken Up

A shockwave has rippled through the online file storage industry this week after ¬†file-sharing giant MegaUpload was raided in New Zealand for various copyright conspiracy charges. Within the past 48-72 hours, several other sites have shut down completely or drastically changed the way they work, only allowing users to share files with themselves after logging into the site. This is a massive response to one incident and it remains to be seen how permanent these changes are, but one thing’s for sure: the Internet is going through some growing pains. The next year is going to be very exciting.

Jon Stewart Defends Nerds as Experts

The Daily Show has been silent about SOPA and PIPA but after a Redditor brought it up in person, Jon Stewart agreed to look into it. When the Internet blackout¬†occurred¬†yesterday, he had to chime in. Here’s the video of that:


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MPAA Blog Attacks Ars Technica, Says They Help Pirates

In what Boing Boing reports as a “window to the MPAA’s soul,” the MPAA has published a blog post where they accuse Ars Technica of having a history of challenging efforts to curb content theft. For anyone who regularly reads Ars Technica, this might seem a little heavy-handed. If anything, Ars Technica is only guilty of investigative journalism. They don’t ONLY challenge efforts to curb content theft, they simply fact-check and report on relevant stories. Yes, they oppose unfettered censorship of the internet on behalf of the MPAA. Of course they do. Anyone with any stake in the tech industry does. So now instead of focusing on attacking grandparents and children for file-sharing, the MPAA is going after the media for calling them out.

Link to the MPAA Blog Post