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Blogger Sued for $2.5 Million

An unattractive blogger from Montana has been successfully sued in Montana for defamation by Obsidian Finance Group for $2.5 million dollars. Normally an investigative journalist would be protected from being sued in this manner, but the judge ruled that since she was not affiliated with a newspaper, tv network, or newswire, that she’s not allowed the same protections as a journalist. So now she has to pay some finance firm $2.5 million dollars. Is it just me, or do you have a feeling this is going to get appealed?

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SOPA, PROTECT-IP Opposition Provides Alternative

Opponents of SOPA and the PROTECT-IP Act have provided a reasonable alternative, though it remains to be seen how much support it’ll get in the legislature. The Online Protection & Enforcement of Digital Trade Act, or theĀ “OPEN” Act moves copyright infringement from being a criminal case to being a trade issue. Seems logical, considering that right now people can potentially serve significant jail-time for torrenting a cd. Ars Technica posted this chart (obviously biased to favor OPEN) to break it down.


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Feds Give Back Seized Domain After Yearlong Fight

About a year ago, as part of a crackdown against copyright infringement, the US government, more specifically the Department of Homeland Security, seized a couple dozen domains. One of those domains has been handed back after a year of red tape., a music blog, was seized because an agent reportedly downloaded music illegally from the site. It was shown in court that the file downloaded was provided by the artist’s record label for promotional purposes. This is the perfect example of why the government should be more careful about how they pursue these types of cases. Right now, they are assuming guilt before they even go to trial and that goes against the traditional ethical standards of the American justice system.

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