"The BodyGuard" Armored Crime-Fighting Sleeve

Actor Kevin Costner (not pictured) is promoting a new invention created by a friend of his – a crimefighting glove aptly named after one of Costner’s movies. The BodyGuard is an armored sleeve fitted with an integrated stun-gun, a video-camera, laser-pointer, and a flashlight. The sleeve is made with a lightweight, breathable material with a hard shell for protection. This keeps the weight, including the additions, at a low 3 pounds. Some of my girlfriends’ rings weigh more than that. What’s even cooler than the variety of functions is how it operates. The stun gun is activated by a pulling a pin and then pressing a button on the palm (like Spider-man’s web-shooters!) and the other tools are controlled by similar buttons.

Future upgrade plans include chemical sensors, a translator, and biometric readers for airport security guards. It’s only a matter of time before someone adds an iPhone. Thinking about other upgrades is bringing back feelings I haven’t had since middle school when I used to draw R/C cars with rocket attached. Just off the top of my head I would add pepper-spray, replace the stun-gun with a cartridge-based taser, and change the flashlight, pointer, and camera to a better spot that wouldn’t require you to keep your arm up to use them. Then I’d see how much it’d weigh if you made it out of kevlar or a cut-resistant material.

This isn’t the first invention promoted by Kevin Costner. You might remember last summer when he was promoting a device that could aid in the BP oil spill cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

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