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E. Coli Used To Create Gasoline From CO2 [We Live In The Future]

A mysterious U.S. biotech company called Joule Unlimited’s phones are lighting up today after a report broke about a patent they received in September for a process that uses E. Coli to turn carbon dioxide into diesel fuel, jet fuel, and gasoline at the cost of about $30 per barrel (about $1 per gallon). If this is real, this is awesome. We’re about to hit $100 per barrel sometime in Q1 2011, which means we’ll be paying $4+ per gallon for gas this summer.

Full Article via The Globe And Mail

BitTorrent is Dead. Long live BitTorrent!

A new BitTorrent client has hit the market and is causing a bit of a stir. It’s the first client to offer decentralized (tracker-less, search engine-less) BitTorrent.
By now, you’re probably familiar with BitTorrent, but maybe you’re not quite sure how it works. There are search engines and indexes, like The Pirate Bay, which people can use to find the BitTorrent files or .torrent files. Then, there is a system of central servers, trackers, that act as a hub and manage the download process.
Recently, these have been major issues for BitTorrent users because several organizations like the MPAA, RIAA and BREIN have been trying to get these trackers shut down on the basis that they’re facilitating copyright infringement. That’s where decentralized BitTorrenting comes into play. By removing the tracker and the search engines, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop people from using it. For now, it looks like the Tribler BitTorrent Client is the only one utilizing this technology, but it’s only a matter of time before this is standard protocol for all BitTorrent clients. This could mark the end of traditional trackers and search engines.