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4chan Hit By DDoS Attack [Irony]

In a classic case of “what goes around, comes around,” the hugely popular imageboard 4chan has been hit by a DDoS attack. It’s my understanding that Internet activist group Anonymous organizes their DDoS attacks via 4chan. Although it’s doubtful that it’s an inside job, who knows. It’s 4chan.

What’s a DDoS Attack?

4chan is down via Ars Technica

Porn Ban Coming to UK?

Legislators in the UK are seeking to block porn websites at the ISP level, but ISPs think it’s impossible. Who determines what is categorized as porn? With the number of new sites popping up every day, how do you keep up while trying to sort through the existing 125 million domain names. What if only part of a site has porn? Does the whole site get blocked? It’s going to be an uphill battle, and I don’t think anybody is rooting for the ban.

If the goal is to block underage kids from accessing these websites, they’re going to be disappointed. If there’s one thing I can learn from my pubescent years, it’s that if kids want to see porn, they will walk over glass and through the fires of hell to get it.

[UK May Ban Porn Sites] via Telegraph UK