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What happens when there are no more IP addresses? IPv4, the current system for assigning IP addresses has a cap at 4.3 billion IPs, and we’re going to run out next year according to experts.

The solution IPv6, is more or less available, but not widely implemented by many ISPs. Check with your ISP to make sure they support IPv6 as soon as possible.


US Takes First Step To Internet Censorship

Judiciary committee approval has been given to the “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act” aka the Internet Censorship Bill, which will allow US Courts to block users within the US from accessing certain websites. This means the RIAA and MPAA can petition the court to block access to file-sharing hubs like The Pirate Bay. Most disturbing part is that it passed unanimously. Nobody is standing up against this loosely regulated censorship plan.

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RIP White Pages

The righteous arm of the internet smites yet another print-oriented business – White Pages.

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