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They Took Our Jobs!

Two baby monkeys have been appointed station masters at Hojo-cho station in Hyoto, Japan. You’d think they’d at least hire adult monkeys.

With unemployment rates still high, all I can say is “dey turk er jerbs!”

Two monkeys appointed station masters at Japanese train station

Simpsons Fan? So are the Pope and Mexican Drug Lords.

I know I’ve been dying to know how the Pope feels about the Simpsons. Well, the wait is over! He’s finally taken time out of what I’m sure is a very busy schedule of blessing things and praying and other pope-isms that we’ve grown to love to let us know he loves the Simpsons just as much as we do. The vatican’s newspaper ran an article recently about Homer and Bart Simpson being catholics, which they are not.

Also in Simpsons news, a huge bust in Mexico led authorities to a stash of Homer Simpson-labeled marijuana.

The Biggest ‘Simpsons’ Fans: Pot Dealers And The Pope

US ISPs are Slow but Honest

The US was ranked #30 in terms of download speed, but #11 in honesty, in a worldwide ranking advertised vs. actual download speed.

Report: Our ISPs may be slow, but at least they’re honest