10 Reasons to Try IPVanish VPN

Despite a recent article titled, “There is no privacy online anymore,”  IPVanish can provide you with online privacy. For example the article states,  your Internet service provider knows every website you visit, adult sites and all. No amount of clearing navigation history will stop Google from finishing your questions for you.

This may be true, but when you use IPVanish you are in control of your IP address. This means that you are no longer using the one your ISP provided to you so your ISP is no longer privy to every website you choose to browse. With IPVanish you pick the IP address and location that you want to use.

Also for an additional layer of security, all of IPVanish’s IP addresses are shared. This means that literally twenty different people may be connected to the same IP address at the same time, without any speed or security compromises. With that many people on one IP address simultaneously it is nearly impossible to pin point one individual for their activity online.  Being in control of your IP address is the #1 reason to use IPVanish VPN.

IPVanish VPN entered the industry in early 2012 with a 15-year background in network management, IP and content delivery services and the explicit goal of delivering the best VPN speeds, most secure connections, best technical support and the most competitive pricing on the planet.

With that the 10 reasons to use IPVanish VPN are as follows:

  1. Control of your IP address
  2. Surpass Censorship Blocks
  3. Online Identity and Data Protection via Encryption
  4. 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  5. Accelerate your Online Gaming
  6. Shield Yourself and your Company from Cyber Crime
  7. Safety at Wi-Fi Hotspots
  8.  It Acts as a Virtual Firewall
  9. Free, easy-to-use VPN Software
  10. Access to Over 7000 IPs on 100+ Servers in 44 Countries